Friday, November 20, 2009

Holy 36 Weeks Pregnant, Batman!

...or is that 38 weeks pregnant?

     I had my 36 week appointment with my midwife today. Kyson is measuring at 37 weeks and head down (way down).  I have gained (GASP!) 30lbs...5 of those pounds have to be in my new found cankles.

     But here is the I 36, 37, or 38 weeks?  My midwife gave me a copy of my records to take with me to Oklahoma just in case I go into labor there. When I got home and started reading it I was beyond pissed. I was frustrated and still am. I have been given 4 due dates. And they are sticking with the farthest one..."just to be safe".

     I am due Dec. 19th according to an early ultrasound done at 6wks. I know that is supposed to be the most accurate due date, but when you are this freaking HUGE...who cares what that ultrasound said 8 months ago!

    Dec 15th according to ovulation. I took ovulation tests, so I know that date.

    I am due Dec. 10th according to my LMP. This is the one date I absolutely do not agree with because I know when I ovulated.

     But get this! 20 weeks (thats 20 weeks if you go by the Dec.19th due date) I had an ultrasound and Kyson measured way big. That ultrasound says that my due date is (drum roll please) Dec. 6th!!!! Thats TWO...thats right, TWO weeks away!

     So am I 36, 37, or 38 weeks pregnant?!! I have been saying that I feel farther along and that I feel like I could have him sooner than my (Dec. 19th) due date...and now I feel like it even more, knowing that I may be due in 2 weeks.  At every appt Kyson has measured a little over 1 week bigger than what I am.  So who knows!  I am not dilated yet, but "starting to" yeah... that gives me a little hope.

     Im just hoping that one night, very very soon, these contractions keep going!



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  1. LOVE IT! I totally am in the same boat. At 6 wks my due date was Feb 4th but at 20wks he measured in "big" and Jan 28th was the new date. But like you said...they stick with the latest due date. DAMN!



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