Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Poor Man's Plastic Surgery (Weekly Weigh-In)

I have officially spent more time in the gym this week than any other week of my life. I've gone 3 DAYS IN A ROW!! I know, I know....your thinking "Yeah, right, not Brittney." But if you could see the way that I am walking, you would believe me. Not only am I EXTREMELY sore...but I walk like I have a stick up my butt I lost a fight with an exercise ball.

I have been following my friend Reyna's plan @ Glamour Glory.

So far I have completed:
I have lost 4.8lbs from my starting weight of 170. That is a lot of water weight...but great encouragement.


  1. Look at you doing awesome! and bahaha for the stick up the butt! I mean, getting beat up by a ball :) hee-hee. about 5 lbs down in less than a week! Whoo-hoo! You officially weigh less than me! GReat Job. I have been slacking off Sunday, Mon. & Tues... good thing I ran today or I will never catch up with YOU! I'm proud of you! keep up the great work.

  2. Go girl! I've gone 3 days as well this week...YEAH! Okay the video of the horse and the exercise ball is flipping hilarious! Holy crap how have I not seen that yet? I wonder if that is what I look like when I'm wrestling the ball doing sit-ups and push-ups? Hahaaahahaa thanks for the laugh!

  3. Good for you going to the gym like that! And congrats on the weight loss. I miss going to the gym...I so need to go back!

    Great to see you on the weekly roundup!

  4. Great job! It just gets easier as you keep going! Thank you for linking up to WMWWW can't wait for next weeks updates!



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