Wednesday, April 21, 2010


2.5 Inches off my waist and a pant size! I am now 11lbs down! Not exactly as much or as fast as I would like. But I have definetely NOT followed the diet very well. And on days that I know I will be eating bad, I skipped the injection that day. But today I have reached my first weight loss goal!! I am FINALLY weighing in less than I was when I got pregnant with Kade 5 years ago! I still have a while to go with this diet. So Im hoping for 10-15 more lbs...I'm loving this!

- Britt.

Under Attack!!

I'm curious...why do they call these annoying little things June Bugs? It's only April!!! They won't get away from my doors. Earlier, one snuck in and I stepped on it. CRUNCH! They grab on to anything they touch. I reached into a bag at my moms house the other day and one decided it would take a ride on the tip of my finger. I'm about to declare war!!

- Britt.


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