Saturday, January 2, 2010

My First Blog Award...Heck Yes!

I received my first blog award!

My BFF Amy @ The Daily Fiasco sent me my first ever blog award! She is amazing so check out her blog too! She is straight forward, funny, and inspiring!

Part of accepting this award requires me to list 5 things about no particular order.

1) I am extremely lazy when I get the chance.

2) My biggest fear is forgetting. My memories are very important to me.

3) I love make-up, big hair, and music.

4) My boys are my world!

5) I am obsessed with my future. I try to plan EVERYTHING! I even had the due dates of my children planned before I was pregnant. Amy always tells me, "You cant plan EVERYTHING!" But I sure do try!

Next is to pass on the award to 5 blogs that I love:

Check Them Out...Everyone Enjoys A Follower!


  1. Your so sweet to mention my blog!! I am post turkey from the crockpot tonight! We will see how it is!



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