Friday, December 17, 2010

I was, um, yeah, well...

Time for my excuses for the know.....when its Friday and you look back and try to figure out exactly why you didn't complete everything on your to-do list.

I'll start with the Weekly Weigh In...

Problem: Stabbing Pains
Diagnosis: Severe Bladder Infection

So this would explain why I was running to the bathroom every hour over the weekend at work. And the stabbing pains were obviously bladder spasms(I could hardly stand up straight). DUH BRITTNEY, YOUR A FREAKING NURSE!! THIS IS WHY YOU'VE BEEN PEEING ON YOURSELF AT THE GYM!!

Needless to say, I was scares in the gym this week. I did go yesterday to attend a Zumba class and missed it. It was at 8:30 not 9:30 (I'll remember that on Monday). I did a little cardio, and attended the Ab Class as-well as the Buns & Thighs Class. I don't dare step on a scale this week. I was super lazy waiting on my Antibiotics to take over. Back full-force, with  a weigh in next week!!

30 Days of Truth...

I'm going to post the next 7 entries today! Promise. I was busy Monday finishing up Christmas shopping. Then the evil bladder infection made its full force appearance. Wednesday, I had to fill in for a school nurse. Thursday (yesterday?), I um....OH! I got a call first thing from Housing on Fort Riley. WE HAVE A HOUSE!! Last I heard (Tuesday), we were #197 on the list! How did this happen? I don't know and I don't care. We got actually, for the first time, got the house we wanted, in the neighborhood we wanted, and on the street we wanted!!! SA-WEET right?! Have you ever lived on post? What did you like/dislike the most?

General Blah-Blah-Blah Blogging..

Its coming, just wait...I'm getting ready to move AGAIN. Ah, there is a post topic right there, so I'll leave it alone. I proooomise there is more randomness coming soon!

So, if you talk to Santa, please tell him, I'm trying to do my best!

Have a Happy Friday and a Wonderful Weekend!


  1. Oh man, I had a bladder infection a few weeks back that landed me right smack dab in the ER! hubby forced me to go after seeing me crying cuz it hurt too bad to walk!! Hope those antibiotics help quickly!

    And Congrats on the house!!!!

  2. Bladder infections suck. Feel better soon! And congrats on the house!!!

    Love that picture! I feel like that some days.

  3. oh no! this sucks! I hope you are feeling better! btw: I slacked a ton and have only been running 2x a week and gained 8 pounds in 2 wks! AH! so even SuperWoman slacks off, lol. You'll be fine. Can't wait to see you and again, Congrats on the house!

  4. I know your busy with moving and stuff, but I love you blog sooo much that I am passing this lovely award on to you:) Read about it here...



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