Friday, December 3, 2010

30 Days of Truth (Day 10)

Day 10: Someone you need to let go, or wish you didn’t know. 

I wish I didn't know the bad sides of myself. The three biggest things about myself that I want to let go is my controlling ways, my lack of motivation, and my lack of patience.

I used to be a perfectionist "planner". Sometimes I still am. I was the girl who knew the due dates of her children before they were conceived.  I'm trying to let things happen one day at a time. But I also feel like my urgency to not be controlling has become the cause of my other two downfalls...

No motivation. Mainly with my desire to loose weight and get into shape. I tend to get that motivation when I'm laying in bed at night. I'll tell myself, "Okay, tomorrow is the day! I am going to wake up, eat a healthy breakfast and start exercising." and the next night...I'm doing the same thing.

My lack of patience...I have NONE very little! I remember being very very young and my Grandma telling me that I need to patience. I don't think I quite understood what exactly patience was. As an adult, I now know what it is and I still have trouble embracing it.  I even tattooed Patience on the back of my neck as a reminder. Maybe I should have had it tattooed on my forehead.


  1. bahaha! yeah-how do you see the word patience on your neck?? Don't worry, I'll stick a compact mirror back there so you can see it in the mirror! LOL:) Love this post!

  2. I know right!? Thanks Reyna!



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