Saturday, December 12, 2009

Cat's In The Bag...or Rain Gutter.

We have a cat that we adopted the summer of  '07, named Mona. She has been by our sides through multiple moves during the past couple of years...five to be exact.  Don't get me wrong, I love her, but when my pregnancy hormones and mood swings kick in, its a different story.  I am so picky about our pets going into the babies room...mainly because of their hair. When animals shed, it grosses me out. The last place I want their hair is on the nice, clean, new baby stuff.  But anyways...back to Mona.  Somehow the door was left open to Kyson's room, and Mona found the ONE thing on the floor and pee'd on it!!! I FLIPPED OUT!!! I yelled downstairs to Bruce and told him to throw her outside before I get to her, or I was going to kill her! That was about a month ago...and the last time we saw her...until the other night.  I decided that going for a walk in the mini-blizzard we were having would be a good idea, and possibly put me into labor.  I made it one house down and heard a cat crying...looked across the street...and saw two glowing cat eyes glowing from rain gutter. It was Mona! But I couldn't get her out.  It was dark, the road slopped down into the gutter. I wasn't about to slip and fall, or stick my hand in a dark gutter! After getting Bruce, he had to remove the man-hole cover and get her out that way.  So needless to say, she is back and VERY cuddly. She is a little traumatized, and cries ALL THE TIME.  But hopefully she learned her lesson! Next time, I'll have to pretend I don't hear crying coming from the rain gutter.


  1. I am the same way with the dogs and my sons room and his things.... I have to leave his door open because if I don't the drafty window makes it like 50 degrees in there. So I've put up a baby gate. The only pets tall enough to jump are way to old or traumatized to try it. Good Luck with Mona though! Still no baby yet huh?

  2. very funny... that'll teach her a lesson! I think my cat took it to seriously, its been over a month and still not back.... -Reyna



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