Sunday, March 28, 2010

Dear Jeans

Dear Jeans,

You have been my favorite pair of jeans over the last year. We've been through alot. I would wear you everyday if I could but the others might get jealous.

You fit perfectly when I found you. Then I got pregnant. You held up for 6 months of pregnancy...then I had that horrid affair with maternity and sweat pants. You waited quietly in the back of my closet until I could finally but barely fit back into you. Your so loyal!

You finally fit perfectly again. But I'm sad to inform you that I will be leaving you again very soon. You see, you look really good...but Im giving up what holds you up. Fat. I'm loosing it and you too. I'll wear you as long as I can...and when I can't, I'll buy your super hot twin in a smaller size. Sorry.

- Britt.

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