Monday, March 22, 2010

Let's get a little political!

I will be completely honest, I hate watching the news, therefore I would have been able to give my two cents on the health care reform. After reading everyones gripe on facebook lastnight and thismorning, I decided to do a little research for myself to see what all the jazz was about.

I now absolutely think that this bill being passed is an awesome thing. Some people are freaking out, thinking that they will be refused healthcare, which is the exact opposite purpose. Some fear that they will have to wait to to see a doctor or sit in an ER waiting room for hours. Hello!!! We've been doing that for years.

I have more than a handfull of friends that refuse to seek healthcare because of the cost. My own family has been told that they could buy insurance...with a catch. They won't cover any underlying health issues. That kinda defeats the purpose of having insurance...especially if you will end up paying out of pocket anyway.

"Every American will be covered under the toughest patient protections in history. Arbitrary premium hikes, insurance cancellations, and discrimination against pre-existing conditions will now be gone forever.

And we'll finally start reducing the cost of care -- creating millions of jobs, preventing families and businesses from plunging into bankruptcy, and removing over a trillion dollars of debt from the backs of our children.

But the victory that matters most tonight goes beyond the laws and far past the numbers.

It is the peace of mind enjoyed by every American, no longer one injury or illness away from catastrophe.

It is the workers and entrepreneurs who are now freed to pursue their slice of the American dream without fear of losing coverage or facing a crippling bill.

And it is the immeasurable joy of families in every part of this great nation, living happier, healthier lives together because they can finally receive the vital care they need."

THIS IS CHANGE! A damn good change, so stop your bitching and do some research. And while your at it, ask yourself this: If the president wasn't a black man, would you still feel the same way?

- Britt.

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  1. Although I live in Germany I have watched the whole discussion about the American Health Care Reform... I think it is a damn good thing either... In Germany we have a similar Health Care System which already works for many many years ... I cannot believe why so many Americans do not want to have a reform like that... It is a good thing providing benefits for everyone!



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