Sunday, March 21, 2010

Skinny Bitch

After having two babies, I'm not liking the new me very much! Sure I lost the baby weight quickly with both of them, but they blessed me with some new and much hated fat. Therefore, I am going to do an hcg diet plan through a local bariatric doctor. After hearing from others about how well it works and doing a little research, I'm gunna do it!

I'll have to give myself injections for 40 days...which sucks. But As long as I loose the .5-3lbs/day, I'm sure I can handle a little old needle. Hcg (the hormone that is detected when your pregnant) is know to burn adipose fat tissue rather than lean muscle. Some of the side effect are the same as pregnancy symptoms such as feeling nauseated...and mood swings. I must admit that I'm not looking forward to the mood swings. Some are afraid it will turn me into a bitch. My response? I might be a bitch, but I'll be a skinny bitch!!

Studies show that people who use the hcg for weight loss, maintain the weight loss easily afterwards. The reason being is that it resests your hypothalamus which is what controls your metabolism.

Over the next few weeks I will be updating everyone on the effects and results of the 'hcg Diet Plan'

I won't start it til maybe between now and then I'll work up the nerve to post a 'before' picture.

- Britt.


  1. Good luck! Even tho on this pic you look skinny already! I wanna know more so keep posting!

  2. I haven't heard of this diet before! Do you still eat the same foods? Good luck!!

  3. Reyna-thanks!

    Lindz-You have to follow a calorie restricted diet. And exclude ALL sugar for one week after the injections end. I'll also be talking a med to help reduce my appetitte a week before I start the injections so that it won't be complete torture. I'm getting in more than my share of bad foods before I begin though!



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