Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Lucky Number 7

I started the phentermine pills last Thursday...and I must say that I like them quite a bit. I only experienced insomnia once, the first day. That was only because I took it so late in the day. No headaches (whew!) and no irritabilty (I think). I've had a couple bad days and was not exactly in the best of moods, so I'm pretty sure I would have reacted the same, pill or no pill. I take the phentermine in the morning and within an hour I feel full of energy...about the same as I feel after drinking a big Red Bull (and I love me some Red Bull!!) But it lasts all day. I'm not jittery at all, which is good. The only thing that I don't like about the phentermine is that is causes BAD dry mouth! I have absolutely no saliva so I'm constantly thirsty. That only last for a few hours each day though. Oh!...and my appetitte has vanished. I actually have to remind myself to eat, which is the whole point of taking it along with the hcg injections. I have to follow a low calorie diet with it.

I could tell after about 4-5 days that my pants were just a tad bit looser. But I didn't wanna weigh myself until today when I went back to the doctor to pick up my injections. Sure enough...I lost 7lbs and about 2% body fat in only 7 days!! Talk about motivation!

But let's get to these hcg injections. I freaked out for a second before I gave myself the first one. I decided to just do it after my 16yr old brother threatened to do it for me(scary!). They can be given anywhere...stomach, arm, leg...doesn't matter. So I picked a spot on my leg...stuck it in real quick (with a scream, because I scared myself), then pushed the hcg in. Let me tell you...they didn't lie when they said it wouldn't hurt. But they failed the mention how bad it burns!! It stung for about 5 minutes after. But all in all it wasn't bad at all. I just can't believe I actually stuck a needle in my own leg!

I now have to weigh daily...which I'm actually excited about. I can't wait to see the numbers drop...and the inches. I measured my hips, stomach, arms, thighs, and calves. I wouldn't dare share the measurements...but I'll share what's gone soon.

- Britt.

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  1. yay! So excited for you! and jealous.. I have to run and almost kill myself to drop 7 lbs! How bout you stab me next with one of those! lol. Can't wait to see a pic of you all skinny mini:) luv!



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