Thursday, March 25, 2010

I'm what?!?!

Nurse: Take off your shoes and socks...this scale will tell us your body fat percentage.

Me: Oh jeeze, this is gunna be scary.

Nurse: How tall are you?


Nurse: Your body fat percentage is 39.6%.

Me: Whoa! I'm like 11% away from being 1/2 fat!

And that's the beginning of my weight loss journey. The doc came in and explained the pills I will be taking. He suggested taking 1/2 of the pill for 3 days until I adjust to the irritability, insomnia, and headaches. I decided to take 1/2 this afternoon at 4:15 just to see how I feel...Well it's 11:00pm and I'm nowhere near tired. Uh-oh. But no headaches or far.

The injections are ordered, so I'll start them on Wednesday. I've heard mixed opinions on how the injections feel. It's a tiny needle, but some say it still hurts. The doc says the least painfull injection site is around the bellybutton. Surely I can give myself the injections. I'm a nurse...I give shots all the time, but never to myself. If I decide I can't give them to myself, I work with 7 other nurses that probably wouldn't mind doing it. I forgot to mention, 4 of those nurses are also doing this hcg plan too. On the weekends I can have my mom do it. She has given livestock injections, so surely she can do me too right? Lol.

- Britt.


  1. LOL, That sounds really scary, but I gotta say that I'm really interested in how this plays out! Good luck Doll, I hope you get the results you want!!! XOXO ~ C

  2. I wish they'd make a "take it every day and your stretch marks will be gone in 40" pill. :)

    Tag ur it- check out my post and then do the tag!



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