Monday, November 22, 2010


...The process in which you procrastinate for so much time that you actually take the time to relax and fully enjoy the matter of doing absolutely nothing at all.

WARNING! THIS IS A VERY LONG POST. (due to my "procrastilaxing")

I havent blogged in over a week. To be honest, I was completely speecless after I attended the funeral/protest. I was furious and heart broken. I tried and thought very hard about how I was going to blog/share my experience....and I am still speechless. It's hard to use words on something that hit so deep. 

I drove there alone. As I arrived at the church, I wasn't sure where the picketers where, so I followed the hundreds of American flags that I were flying through the mobs of supporters. I could hear the engines revving on the other side of the crowd. The Patriot Guard Riders were there to drown out the WBC.  I made my way to the front to see them, and the first thing that caught my mind was a very young child holding a sign that read "Pray For More Dead Soldiers". I was sick. I stood in the crowd...crying, supporting Sgt. McCluskey....yelling "USA, USA, USA" Someone was playing the National Anthem from their car speakers and everyone sang along. There was no possible way the family could hear them.  They left about 15 minutes before the service started...on two slashed tires. Not one tire business in town would sell them tires! After they left, the huge crowd stood outside the church with flags and supportive signs...we listened to the service over large speakers they had placed outside for us. I'll never forget the looks I saw on peoples faces as they walked out of that church, or the tears that flowed as they put his casket into the hearse.

Around 200 motorcycles lead SGT. McCluskey to his final resting place at Tannehill cemetery.

I am so proud to be an American and an Army Wife!!!!!


I said I was going to write a "Thankful Thursday" post every Thursday in November, so I had better catch up....

In regards to Thursday 11/11/10 Veterans Day...I am thankful to be an American, and Army Wife, and live in a country where our colors don't run!!

And for last Thursday, 11/18/2010..

I am thankful for my best friends...they never judge, they accept me and I LOVE THEM!

Lonni, I met in Nursing school...we do not go a day without seeing each other or at least talking on the phone  multiple times per day.

Amy, always a phone call away. I met her in Germany...and I LOVE this girl! She's always honest and would do anything for me no matter where our husbands are stationed. p.s. Check out her Blog The Daily Fiasco

*I absolutely love this picture of Amy, so I had to share!*


Whew! It feels so much better to be caught up...

Till Next Time,


  1. I think it is so awesome that you went! Wow-- speechless is about right. I can't believe how crazy some people are and how cold hearted they can be. We will always remember our heroes. It was very courageous of you B to take time out to go. Great blog!

  2. Big thumbs up for going to that!! that's amazing that you could support that family by getting rid of the crazies!

  3. BTW: you should totally do the 30 days of truth! Check out my blog for it:)



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