Friday, November 12, 2010

Military Funeral Protest

"U.S. Army Airborne Honor Guard carry the casket of James McCluskey, 26, of McAlester,who was killed in action Nov. 4 of wounds suffered when insurgents attacked his unit with small-arms fire at Zarghun Shahr in the Mohammed Agha district of Afghanistan. 

There is a group of protesters who have arrived in McAlester to protest at this young man’s memorial. A website for Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka, Kan.,, indicates the group will be coming to McAlester and protesting at McCluskey’s memorial service.

Sgt. Jason J. McCluskey’s untimely death, and the possible protest of his funeral, have triggered responses from people in, and outside of, the community. Many were already coming together in support of the fallen hero and his family, and now, with the suggestion of arriving protesters, the community has come together in force.
Pictures on the group’s website show protesters at other events and funerals holding signs that say “God hates dead soldiers” and “USA-Fag Nation.”"

I am completely outraged by this. McAlester, Oklahoma is only about an hour away from where I live. I can not sit at home and know that this is going on. I WILL be there in the morning to help shield these idiots from the family of Sgt. McCluskey. Bruce doesn't think that I should go because of the danger associated with protests. I explained to him that this is something that I feel VERY strongly about...and that if it was him, I would hope that nobody would allow this bull shit at his funeral! I am VERY VERY thankful for my soldier and every single service member. Again, I'll be damned if I sit and let this happen tomorrow!!

I salute YOU, Sgt. McCluskey!


  1. Just last week in Minnesota, in a small town of 2,000, residents gathered at the location where the WBC scheduled to protest. They held flags and sang patriotic songs in a peaceful protest. Not one act of violence occurred. The WBC couldn't even be near the perimeter of the church with the human fence set up. People made it about mourning in peace rather than a violent protest. Maybe this can happen there!

  2. I wish I could have been there to help you support our fellow soldier... This organization (WBC) makes absolutely no sense to me and their stupidity is going to get them a first class ticket straight to Hell.

  3. WBC showed up at the 45th's farewell ceremony that my husband was a part of. I didn't see them, thank God. I would have flipped. I hope none of the soldiers seen them, but I am pretty sure one of hubbys Sarges seen.



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